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My Family Tree

One of the main purposes of my site is to have a place to talk about and share information concerning my Family Tree.  I have only been working on my Family History / Family Tree since about 2006.  As such, I never had to do any genealogy the hard way by going to court houses, Archives, etc.  I have been lucky to have been able to do most of my research with the aid of the internet.  In my opinion the internet is a great medium to share and collaborate with people on Family Tree's.  An older version of had a family tree online that was integrated into the main site.  When I switched the software running the site, I elected to run the family tree as a "separate" site and now it has its own home that can be found here.


Surnames of Interest

There are several Surname's that I am actively working on, but I focus most of my attention on the Towler / Toler / Toller surname.  In addition to the Towler / Toler / Toller surname I work on the following: Arbuckle, Hoffman, Spaugh/Spach, Essig/Essix.  You can click on the Bold surname's and that will take you to my blog posts about that surname.  There are plenty of other related families as well that I occasionally find myself working on such as: Tinsley, Dixon, Cox/Coxe, Surface, and Griffith. 


Towler / Toler / Toller

This is my Surname, and most of the work that I do centers on my direct line.  I would have to say that a "Central Figure" in this line is Joseph "Big Daddy" Toler.  With help from other Towler / Toler researcher's I have proven my line back to Joseph.  Getting past Joseph's father seems to be a task that it proving to be more difficult.


Spaugh / Spach

I am also a direct descendant of Adam Spach.  The Adam Spach line is well documented and there are plenty of resources out there that can be used as reference.  Adam was a key figure in the early Moravian Church in America.


Hoffman / Huffman

The Hoffman's are one of my biggest stumbling blocks, and I have fun trying to figure out what went on in this family.  As far as my research is concerned, the "Central Figure" of the family is Maggie Hoffman.  I am still finding new things all the time with this family.



Another well documented line.  The Arbuckle's are a Huge family, and have left a great trail for genealogists to follow.  The "Central Figure" in my research is Thomas Arbuckle.