January 2011

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Dropping Ancestry.com for 2011

Submitted by ian on Mon, 01/31/2011 - 11:08

This year I will not be renewing my Ancestry.com membership.  Partly because of the Expense, but mostly because I am not using it enough to justify the cost of roughly 160.00 (or a little more than 13.00 a month).  I currently have a backlog of items to get done on my own Familytree site, and I have a toddler in the house, so extra time for using Ancestry.com is not likely.

The Importance of Sources in Genealogy

Submitted by ian on Tue, 01/18/2011 - 11:11

It Happens over and over again, you catch the genealogy bug and you are itching to get started.  In the rush to get started, you add people to your tree, but you forget to add source information.  Ideally every single person in your tree will have at least one source record, indicating where you got the information on the person.  Dates of birth, dates of death, marriage, Census information all should have source information attached.  Adding an individual to your tree without adding the information about where you learned about the individual weakens the credibility of your data.

Goals for 2011

Submitted by ian on Wed, 01/12/2011 - 11:17

Like every year I am going to post my goals for 2011.  These are not resolutions, but rather goals.  What's the difference you may ask?  Well if it's a resolution, it is easier to fail or quit on.  For example, if the resolution is to stop drinking coke, if you have a coke, then you failed, and may think about giving up on the resolution entirely.  If it is a goal, having that coke is a "slip" and you can get back to the plan the next day. So., like 2009 and 2010... I am working on Goals for 2011 and not resolutions. 

The Goals: 

Lose weight


Drupal 7 and itowler

Submitted by ian on Wed, 01/12/2011 - 11:14

Post number 2 for the year, and as you can see, things are on a roll as far as updating the site.  Itowler.com has undergone a few changes, most of which are not minor.  The first major change is the fact that I have moved to a new host.  Right off the bat I noticed that there was an increase in speed.  The new host allows me much more control and so far I am liking it.  It has forced me to learn even more about server administration, but that is a good thing.